Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started

Membership and SailPass

Joining the Club

Membership to the Club is structured to be affordable and flexible. You can join as a Junior Member, Associate Member, Senior Member or your family can join with a Membership that includes two adults and two children. 

Membership options for ‘Volunteer’ Membership are also available for families that have Junior Members who are undertaking the Junior Sailing Program.

You will need someone to sponsor and second your nomination and they can also help you with what sort of membership options suit you best. Becoming a member of our Club ensures that you and your family are covered under the Australian Sailing sponsored Personal Accident Insurance Policy, which is a a mandatory requirement if you want to undertake ‘on-water’ activities.

You can download a form which can be scanned or mailed back to the Club, or you can join online using the buttons below.

* Half Year rates are available after 1 April in the membership joining year.



SailPass Introductory Membership

SailPass is a temporary membership to allow non-members of an Australian Sailing club to participate in sailing events in accordance with the Australian Sailing prescription of Rule 46

Temporary membership of Australian Sailing through SailPass provides participants with cover under the Australian Sailing Personal Accident Insurance policy for the day/s that the SailPass applies.

PCSC Offers 3 Day Intrductory SailPasses free of charge.


For New Members who ARE NOT SailPass Members: Please be sure to select the Nomination Fee as well as the Membership Class when completing the application form.


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