Radio Controlled Sailing Boats


 The R.C. fleet of the PCSC meets every Thursday morning from 9:00 to sail their one design modified “A” class yachts.

The group was started in 2008 when Ian Weist and Doog Campbell obtained the plans for a “ Glide “ design and began building fibreglass hulls. The members bought these and various other pieces and began building their own boats to a budget, with many components purchased from the local hardware store and the sails designed and assembled on a jig by the group. Although the hulls, sails, winches and servos are all the same, and the boats built to one set of plans, they are all individual. Racing is close and standard racing rules apply, but on a strictly “stay friendly’ basis.

At the moment there is upwards of 16 boats in the club with 12 or so on the water on a good day. The club consists of full and associate members of  the PCSC and as such are covered by the club`s insurance.

Anyone wishing to try their hand at RC sailing in a friendly group is welcome to come along and someone will lend them a boat and help with tips.

For further details please contact Lenny Brown

The fleet in close competition in light conditions outside the Cygnet clubhouse. Below you can see the concentration of the skippers on the clubhouse verandah