Port Cygnet Junior Sailing

The Port Cygnet Sailing Club runs sail training programs for those keen to learn. The Club has, in the past several years, conducted highly successful courses with many young people participating. The club has 9 Pacer dinghies, 3.9m long with a beam of 1.5m; great little one design, fibreglass construction, easily rightable centreboard boats, equipped with mainsail and jib. They are great training boats, easy to sail for a wide age range, and are a great one class racing boat as well.

We have ben very lucky in borrowing 2 Optmiist Dinghies from Lindisfarne Sailing Club ( generous act) many thanks folks for this generous act, and we will be looking to buy these and 2 others.

Junior Sail Training follows the Australian Sailing curriculum and includes –Start Sailing 1, Start Sailing 2 and Green Fleet (sailing experience and introduction to racing for intermediate sailors). PCSC is an accredited Australian Sailing Discover Sailing Centre. Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Safety boat drivers hold AS qualifications, first aid certificates and have completed WWVP (Working With Vulnerable People) checks.

Junior Sailing starts Saturday 21st October.

2017/2018 Sailing season

Junior Sailing starts Saturday 10 February 2017

Our 2 beginner groups, Start Sailing 1 (never sailed before/ need to go over the basics again) and Start Sailing 2 (ready to move up and do a bit more for myself) will start at 9.00am and finish at 11.15. The Green Fleet group will start at 11.30.

Start times may change when we know for sure how many are in each group.

Course fees are $130 for a Junior Member and $100 for a Family Member. Second child from the same family discounted by 20%.

Junior Membership is $20, Family Membership is $120 (+ one of joining fee of $60 the first year)

To sign up for one of our sailing courses please follow the links to the safety and information sheet, registration and membership forms.

It is important that you read the safety and information sheet before registering.

All sailors must be members of PCSC and you will also need to fill in the membership form.

Both forms should be returned to Mike Rowe - his contacts are on the registration form.

If you need to ask anything about which group or membership email Alison at junior.racing@cygnetsailing.org.au

This ongoing training initiative provides a great opportunity for junior sporting development and has involved, not only the students but also their parents, in a highly effective community activity.

We are looking at running an adult sailing course at the same time as the students, any interested parents are asked to contact us so we can plan for this activity. This will be run by a qualified instructor in either a Pacer, or in an Etchells, a 24 foot racing keelboat, or possibly some other keelboat or trimaran.

Dinghy Series – additional sailing instructions

Revived for 2017 2018 season – on Harbour Race Sundays there will be a separate Dinghy Start.  Starting procedure will be as for keel boats. The start will usually be 15 minutes after the keel boat start/starts. If a boat is over the line at the start the round the ends rule (RRS) will apply. There will be a sound signal after the start signal and the start box will inform the offending boat via radio and the safety boat.

All participants in the dinghy start must be members of PCSC, whether adults or children, as for the keel boat start, as it is club membership that provides insurance cover. All crew must wear a compliant PFD. A full length wetsuit, wetsuit booties and a windproof spray top is strongly advised between April 1 and December 1 and at other times dependant on weather conditions.

Any dinghy is eligible to race in the Dinghy Start. At this time, dinghies will race under their yardstick rating. Later in the season an empirical handicapping system, where boats/helms persons are rated according to past performance, could be introduced depending on demand. For the 2017-2018 season race fees will be waved for any boat that has a crew member already participating in the PCSC Junior Sailing Program.

The basic Discover Sailing courses are taught by qualified Yachting Australia instructors and assistant instructors, all of whom are trained in first aid and are certified as safe to work with children. The courses will give participants basic sailing abilities, good safety awareness on the water, and form the basis for more sophisticated racing and cruising training. The qualifications are recognised nationally.

Yachting Australia also offers a comprehensive no fault insurance policy for all registered participants while they are undergoing each YA course.

Please email our Junior Sailing Captain, Alison Viner, for information, registration forms and payment details.

Adult Sail Training classes are also available. If you are interested please click here

Junior Sail Training Programs

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