Adult sail training


Adult dinghy sail training will commence on Saturday 10 February at 1400 hours (2pm) at the PCSC clubrooms.  This will be in the Pacer dinghies that are used for the junior program as these lively little boats can accommodate two adults. You will get wet in these boats and the first skill taught is righting a boat after capsize, and wetsuits are recommended. Keelboats and multihulls are generally sailed not to capsize and there is hopefully no need to swim during the keelboat courses!

We are aiming to start on Saturday Feb 10 2018 at 1400 hours (2pm), shortly after the junior sailors finish.

Cost will be $300 per participant (concessions available). This will enrol people with Australian Sailing (AS), provide them with an AS number and will include personal accident insurance while taking part in a training program.

It will include, for introductory sailors, Australian Sailing’s Introduction to Sailing textbook @ $45 (included in the enrolment fee).

PCSC membership subsequent to enrolling in the course may attract a discount of $60 (the application fee) but this has yet to be accepted by committee.

Buy your tickets through here through and this will ensure your place  is booked. If there are insufficient numbers to run a course (minimum of 4), you can opt for a full refund (minus the $0.30 booking fee) or keep your place until a course is run.

Contact Chris Wilson for further details. PCSC is an accredited Discover Sailing Centre, hopefully to shortly add an adult keelboat sail training pathway, following on from the continuing success of the junior sail training group.

The curriculum can be seen here.

The club will make available its Etchells sailboat Bushido, previously owned by Phil Jeffs, now known as Disgratziato and Paul MacMichael has donated his Soling Fair Dinkum, to the club for racing use and sail training, though both these boats are raced by crews who lease them and so availability has to be negotiated.

Each boat can take 4 people and that is the ideal number per class for personalised sailing tuition for new or experienced sailors.

Fleetwing flying in a 20 knot breeze; comfortable, flat sailing

There is also the possibility of using a Farrier 31 foot trimaran, Fleetwing. This would be an ideal learn to sail boat being fast and stable, capable of taking 4 - 6 people comfortably out to Bruny Island and return in a 3 - 4 hour sail. There is a porta potti on board and food and hot drinks can be served, and there is lots of protection from the elements, should that become important.

It is also an ideal boat to conduct Discover Sailing Days (free 1 hour trips on Discover Sailing Days), and Discover Sailing experiences, a 3 - 4 hour sailing trip that will cost a nominal fee, around $50 per person.

We are still waiting for Australian Sailing and MAST approvals before we can commence these courses.

Thee are lots of links to check out to help with sailtraining:

Firstly check the weather: The Bureau of Meteorology has a good resource on its website 5 vital checks and lots of vital and useful information

And then - knots, the bowline, reef, round turn and 2 half hitches, clove hitch, and the figure eight. There are zillions of others, but these essentials will get you started. Check them out on Grog Knots

Or there are a gazilion videos on all aspects of sailing, rigging, ropework, in fact just about anything


A Pacer, here with the young students, is a lively and responsive, fun to sail dinghy